For Outlook & Outlook Web

Protective Marking is a solution for Microsoft Outlook & Outlook Web that enforces positive classification of emails at the point of send.

Protective Marking software


Classifications & descriptions

Implement the classification scheme your way. Prime users to classify data effectively with custom descriptions and examples.

Positive selection of classification

Users are required to consider the sensitivity of data and classify it accordingly when they send emails.

Mark email with visual labels

Visual labels are added to emails subject and body so that recipients can view handling requirements for the message contents.

Enforce consistent labelling

Establishing and enforcing a set of labelling standards across the organisation to improve compliance, security, and accessibility of data while reducing risk.

Metadata stored with each email

Metadata is available to third-party software, such as email gateways, to enable further controls and automation.

Warnings to assess downgrade properly

Alerts users to properly assess the downgrading of classifications to confirm that the action is appropriate.

Unauthorised recipients

Stop users from sending classified emails to unauthorised recipients.

Development services available

Working with clients to accommodate their specific needs.

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