Easily classify Outlook emails & Office documents

Protective Marking is a solution for Microsoft Outlook and Office that enforces positive classification of emails and documents at the point of save, print and send.

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Protective Marking software

What is Protective Marking?

Protective Marking facilitates the education, application, classification, labelling, and metadata additions to emails and documents at the point of creation, helping organisations meet various regulatory requirements.

a user-drive data classification and labelling solution for Microsoft Office 365 and On-Premises deployments

helps organisations categorise email content and Office documents based on sensitivity

integrates with Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Visio to mandate users apply pre-defined classifications at the point of data creation

embeds visible labels and metadata to signify confidentiality and handling requirements to recipients

fills regulatory compliance gaps around data labelling and handling requirements

What our customers say?

We asked our customers what the top reasons were for choosing Protective Marking.

Affordable software

Ease of implementation

Ensures compliance with regulations

Forces users to stop and think

Prevents sensitive data going to unauthorised email accounts

Example Classification Schemes

UK Government Classification Scheme

US Government Classification

Commercial / Private Sector

ISO 27001



NIST 800-53

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Explore our Protective Marking software with a demo or begin your journey with a trial.

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